The Accreditation Network UK is a central resource for tenants, landlords and scheme operators interested in accreditation of private rented housing..

ANUK was formed in May 2002 to publicise, promote and share good practice in accreditation. This was in response to increasing interest in accreditation, including in government and amongst higher education institutions, student representative bodies, local authorities, tenants and private rented sector landlords across the UK.

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Unipol operates ANUK through an Advisory Group comprising representatives from local authorities, the RNLA and the voluntary sector. The work of representatives is voluntary. 

Since its inception ANUK has:

  • hosted a comprehensive website as a resource for scheme developers and operators
  • developed a core model scheme and core values widely accepted in the sector
  • produced, with the Local Government Association, a Landlord Handbook, which has become the standard reference work for professional landlords; publishes regular newsletters
  • produced the Accreditation Handbook
  • hosted several conferences for scheme operators
  • runs two government-approved National Codes in partnership with Unipol Student Homes

ANUK is administered by Unipol Student Homes, a national student housing charity. More information about Unipol Student Homes can be found at

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ANUK operates the National Codes for Large Student Developments, which aim to ensure transparent and professional management of purpose built accommodation.
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